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We offer a pleasurable safe shopping and/or trading experience for you.  We primarly offer stamps from Russia, Japan, and USA.  Ocassionaly albums, covers, and other stamp related items will be offered.  The 2014 Scott Standard Stamp Catalog is used as the basis for the pricing of stamps.  

All shipping will be conducted via United States Postal Service.  If a different shipping method is requested, extra fees may be incurred.  

The methods for payment are PayPal, Money orders (payable in US Dollars) and checks from within the USA only.  PayPal does offer a method for e-checks (go to for details) and we will accept them as well.  Shippment will be made after the checks and/or money orders clear.

Click on images for more information and to order products.  

Imortant:  If you desire more than one of any particular stamp, please contact me or by using the contact me form on the home page.  I will then let you know how many of that particular stamp is in inventory.


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